True Irish Castle

January 26 2020
Piece of fanart I've made for fun, and my first success on reddit. Peaked at 8k upvotes, and shows how important it is to know your audience.

Dedicated DOSBox system

August 26 2018
I've written set of scripts that will create dedicated DOSBox system from minimal installation of Ubuntu 18.04. It's designed for retro gaming on old laptops or netbooks, possibly providing better performance on slow hardware than full installation of Windows or Linux.

OS Wallpapers - Set 1

August 25 2018
Here are some wallpapers that I've made. For now only for four operating systems, maybe I will create more in the future. Created in Blender - Cycles, it's just flat model of the logo with emissivity and post processing effect.

Sculpting exercise - Alien spaceship 1

April 4 2018
Quick sculpting exercise in Blender. Alien spaceship loosely based on Wraith technology (StarGate Atlantis).

DIY IoT LED Strip (Part 1)

April 10 2018
My friend started maintaining Kodi plugin on GitHub which connected to Philips HUE LED strip and emulated Ambilight. I decided to build my own IoT RGB light that can be controlled from phone, PC or Kodi plugin.

[Weekend project] Room 17

January 31 2017
All you can see was done during one weekend.

Gaming in QEMU

January 13 2017
When I was bored one night during Christmas vacation I looked into virtualization and GPU passthrough. I was happy to find out that I have compatible hardware and after reading some tutorials the process seemed much simpler then I previously thought...

Škoda Forman

March 20 2016
My first really realistic scene. ŠKODA Forman and background scene, it’s not any specific model,
I made it using more then dozen different reference images and took parts that I liked.
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